Dueling Tubas - Martin Mull

Never mind the fact he's playing a sousaphone, not a tuba. I'm sure the guy knows. Why he ever felt he'd receive a bit of notoriety from this nonsense is beyond me. I can only assume he was kidding.

I felt the need to share that I learned today my wife never heard of the movie Deliverance and she's never heard any renditions of Dueling Banjos. I understand her being from the West Indies may cause her to be out of the loop of many things we've grown up to automatically recognize. What I find the most bewildering, when I played it for her she started dancing a jig as well as any moonshine-hustling hillbilly in the Appalachians. Confusing, very confusing indeed.

Little Marcy

Things like this fondly reminds me of my own childhood. I don't remember this specific character but in the depths of my mind there still remain spots that's been untouched for decades that hold memories of children's church material I've been shown that I can no longer recall. There's something physiologically fascinating about this. As children we were shown things that at the time appeared sweet, normal and even enriching. As we become grown and peer onto that very same material, it becomes the product of freaky dreams or in the very least it leaves us with a dirty chill.

The eyes on that doll alone. Terrifying! "My name is talking Tina and I'm going to kill you."

Prendrez Moi (Take Me) - Madame St-Onge

I'm sure everyone was like me and wondered what 1950's doo-wap would sound like if sung by a bad French opera singer. Well guys, wonder no more!

The best way I can describe what I'm hearing, it's somewhere between a dying cat and a middle-aged woman's orgasm. It's really quite disturbing. 

Rasputin - Boney M

This guy reminds me of someone but can't quite put my finger on who. One thing that is clear is the obvious Abba influence; everything from musical arrangement, style and construct to the power-disco lyrics. And everyone knows anything involving Abba sucks. Saying Abba sucks is like saying water is wet. Yeah, disco was a very unfortunate genre, especially late-70's Euro disco.

His costume fully equipped with a black codpiece and sequin cape is asinine but the girl's outfits are pretty hot. Sure, late-70's hot, but hot nonetheless.

Guy covers Come Sail Away by Styx

By Ollie Byrd

This gives me a thought: Styx would sound much better if they had a Scandinavian accent. On that thought, imagine viking metal covers of their music. Don't know about you but I'd listen to that....before the originals at least.