Back to the S__t! - Millie Jackson

Realized I never moved this classic over from the old site and Millie Jackson is such an icon I had to repost rather than repopulate. This is just one track from her epic album, "Back to this S__t!" called, "Sho Nuff Danjus". It's the last track and I feel it's a fair representation of the reputation Millie has formed over the years.

Rock You - Helix

I recently picked up several 80's heavy metal records at Goodwill including a couple Helix albums. In the attempt to annoy my wife I cranked my stereo and put on this song. To my surprise she automatically fell in love with it. She jumped up and started model walking to it's beat. She loves it so much she's going to use it in her next annual fashion show. Aah well. It was my error in forgetting that at heart she's an 80's girl and, to put it kindly, we have drastically different tastes in music. Yeah, I do find all this moderately disturbing, but it's still better than Rihanna's Umbrella. Much rather give you an 'R' than an 'Ella-ella-ella'.

Guerrero - Rebolledo

Back before auto-tune was destroying music, we had Casio keyboards. 

I've held onto this one for a while because it renders me nearly speechless. It's like a music video by Jack Black if he was Spanish and found his height of popularity in 1987. The end has to be my favorite part. His friends all gather behind him and start doing his almost sporadic, half-hearted fist pump with him. If only pizza had that much cheese. 

I've seen a lot of bad videos for bad songs where the subject was visibly uncomfortable and very awkward throughout the entire video. This is yet another one.

The Karate Rap

I took Taekwondo from around age seven to age 10. Back then I would have LOVED this video. That really isn't saying much though. Back in the 80's I had a toy that came with little buttons you put on different parts of your body and when pressed, each button would result in a cheesy "hip-hop sound". You know, like 'yo!', 'boom!' and 'wickity-wickity-wack!'.

Can't remember what it was called but it was like a body beat box kind of thing. And if I remember right, the box had a picture of a kid with these buttons on his wrists, ankles and upper torso. Of course he was wearing an early-80's, sudo-Michael Jackson netted shirt, baggy slacks, and brightly colors sneakers and trimmings, along with the 80's head band. The photo caught him in mid-stride right after hitting a button on his chest, going for one on his ankle.

According to the box, with this device I could make my own rap songs and beats while doing a dope dance at the same time! Played with it maybe twice before selling it in my mom's next -what had to be- bi-monthly yard sale.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. I'm now a grown man and can fully appreciate how 90% of everything that came out of the 80's was stupid and how stupid we all were back then.

I Will Win This Fight - Bash-in-the Code

Here's another of my Goodwill finds. 80's rock and Christian rock are exuberant enough individually, put together it's terrifying. Let's just say I never made it to the other side of this record.