Shiny Shiny - Haysi Fantayzee

I really would like this Super Tuesday to be a good day; even though I'm pretty sure my guy isn't going to win. Nonetheless, let's start on a positive note with some happy 1980's androgyny. Androgyny in the 80's is like hipsters today; a completely two-dimensional scream for attention, but harmless nonetheless and somewhat enjoyable to watch. 

Eat my Diarrhea - GG Allin

No one can possibly be more punk the GG Allin. He was a legend. He was a true artist and his medium was bodily fluids.

Watusi - Howie Mandel

Not many of this generation are aware that, back in the day, Howie Mandel was a standup comedian. Along with what he's doing today, the whole Watusi thing is a great example why that ignorance is understandable. Yeah! There was a time when he actually had a curly mullet and wasn't a complete germaphobe.

I'm Proud to Be a Jew

Of course I have nothing against Judaism but what a cheesy song. According to my source, this was made in 1984 and is on an old album called To See The World Through Jewish Eyes Volume II (Union Of American Hebrew Congregations LP-571500).

There's a little bit of information on this record but I'm having a hard time finding a track sheet and album artwork. I found volume one on ebay and that's the photo I used for this entry. As far as I can figure this was a series of children's songs. Much like Christian children's songs, they're designed to help a child identify with their religious and cultural roots at a young age, and to feel comfortable and normal with their traditions. All great stuff, but wow, so painful to listen too.

Desire - Future World Orchestra

Because of disco, many refer to the 70's as the worst decade for music. I have to disagree. In the '70's, you had funk, jazz fusion, rock took a new, interesting direction with bands like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, etc. It was in the 70's psychedelic rock really started to develop with bands like Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly. Even prog-rock had a few good bands; lot of people would put him in the experimental rock category, but Frank Zappa comes to mind.

I would have to say the worst decade for music are the 80's. Especially the early-80's: The soul was completely sucked out of jazz fusion and funk long ago. Rock bands' egos, along with drugs, started getting in the way of their creativity, which paved the way for glam bands. And with this example, you have songs with that remaining layer of disco, combined with the newly found synth instruments.