Devo - Whip It

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K, I actually love Devo, but I love Devo the very same way I like Taco Bell; as long as I don't have too much it's okay, but if I over do it, I'll become ill.

I actually have their album "Freedom of Choice" on LP. Again, I love Devo, but I can't make it all the way through side A in one sitting.

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun


I'm guessing in the 80's "having fun" consisted of dancing around a large in hoop-skirts, then bringing home a slew of strangers to throw confetti around the room.

Maybe that's why my mom told me to keep clear from red-heads!

Twisted Sister - We're not going to take it.

I can't think of anything more suitable for the first post to this website than Twisted Sister's "We're not going to take it".

The music video is perfectly as ridiculous as the song itself. If it was intended to be a joke, it would be brilliant.

Is it just me, or does the father look like Gary Busey? Is that Gary Busey?