What is Rap? - Switchback circa 1987

There's a lot of really great hip-hop from the late 80's. I'd go as far to say rap is the best thing the 80's gave us.....Besides your's truly, of course! Just like everything else, when something becomes popular, leave it to suburban, middle class white kid to ruin it for the rest of us.

If you were paying attention, you would have also notice another trend that started in the late-80's; one we can fully blame on suburban white kids. The girl in the very 80's over-sized white sweatshirt was gothing it up for us.

No Presents For Christmas - King Diamond

Oh, I love Christmas and always felt it could be more metal. King Diamond is so amazing; he so over the top it's a thing of beauty. And I want to believe Dr. Rockzo from Metalocalypse was based on him.

Boys (Summertime Love) - Sabrina

For a music video for a song about guys, there's sure a lot of boobs. As terrible as this song may be, any music video including several nip-slips is a great video in my books.

I Love My Friends (I Love L.A. over dub) - Kris Kardashian

Oh the 1980's my how they sucked. Cheesy style, terrible music, and annoying people; it was just like the 2000's. I find this POS as the perfect illustration for the 80's; It has excess, ego, smug self-importance, it's two-dimensional and there's not a shred of soul or originality.

Obviously this is a complete hack of Randy Newman's I Love L.A. Pretty much everything was stolen, including snippets of Newman's video itself. But really, what else could we expect from the Kardashian family?