Yo' Little Brother - Nolan Thomas

This is one of those examples where the video made for the song adds another dimension to offend the senses.

I don't remember much from 1984, I was quite young, but apparently what instituted as "bad" was dressing up like a little Billy Idol, smoke 'Sig' brand cigarettes, drink 'Beer' brand beer, lunge out to grab mini hoop skirts, spend time in a house with a rocky roof and failing foundation and hang out with other children who dress up as Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Cyndi Lauper, and - as far as I can tell - Belly Joel.

To be a good teenager, you'll have to wear a cheesy sweater, khakis, lime green socks, wear makeup and a hair style not unlike Max Headroom. I'm glad I was still playing with Lincoln Logs in 1984.

Average Homeboy - Denny Blazin Hazen

Too bad he never got signed. I'm sure it would sound much better with greater resources. The pure talent on display here is quite apparent. We the REAL Slim Shady please stand up!

Blazin actually did a remix of his title song and it does sound much smoother. It almost inspires me to create my own rap. I too am an average white guy, after all!

Click here to hear the remix.

Assez Super - Míno

I know this is from the 80's, but do I detect the use of auto-tune? Also, why did she choose to shoot her video on "The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air" set?

Enough to make you want to shove a loose foot up where the sun doesn't shine

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

I have a personal hatred for this song. I have a cousin in my extended family who, since 1984, would blast this from her boom-box at every family gathering until at least the early 90's. I don't even remember who this cousin is; I just remember having to hear this stupid song over and over again on an endless loop the entire time she was there. After a few years it got to a point where everyone knew we were going to have to hear this song again.

Now that I'm grown every time I'm in a public place and this song starts to play, I still have to turn to my wife and express the disgust I have for this song. Perhaps this can be considered a psychological cause resulting in the creation of this website. In least, as a part of a larger shopping list of earbleeds to that affect.

I Wanna Love You Tender

The Swedes shouldn't be allowed to wright music. But then again, if there were barred, that'll be much less material for this website.

I'm finding it hard to get information about this band. There's a good chance they're Finnish. Does it, however, really matter?