MC Max Headroom

Art Of Noise - Paranoimia

Yes, it's Max Headroom; the celebrity created out of the greatest technology the mid-80's had to offer!

I grew up in the '80's but I never remembered Max Headroom featured in a song. How that ever sounded like a good idea is beyond me.

Prince Charming - Adam & The Ants

I can tell by this song these guys were trying to mimic Pink Floyd, in hopes to grab even a sliver of their popularity. Sadly for them, Pink Floyd had talent and they don't; these guys are just annoying.

Just a Friend - Biz Markie

This is one of those songs where everyone knows it but hardly anyone can tell you who made it. Biz Markie is a true genious. This song is so bad it's actually pretty good.

As I was looking for this file, I ran across this literal paraody.

You'll Love My Johnson!

Johnson Boat and/or Outboard Commercial from the 80's

Its things like this that will maintain my youth. I so love immature stuff like this.

Amadeus Who?

Falco - Rock Me Amadeus

Of all the things to come out of Vienna, this is another thing.

Yeah, when I think of Vienna I commonly think of Amadeus. Not this Amadeus! The actual Amadeus. You know, the guy who wrote a bunch of symphonies. Ever hear of him? That guy who died a long time ago. The guy with funny white hair, even in paintings of him as a child. He played piano! No! Not a moog! An actual, proper piano! Oh I give up.....

Uuh, this generation of children suck.