Backstreet Boys Hipster Cover

This perhaps is the most hipster thing I've ever seen in my life. It's not bad enough they're singing the terrible Backstreet Boys song "As long as you love me" with a ukulele accompaniment, they're doing so in a room filled with vintage things including an old phonograph while dressed like it's 1932. I don't know in what neighborhood they live but this is exactly what I would come to expect if Austin's 6th St. had apartment complexes (don't know if there is or not). It's ironic, really: hipster culture would be so amazingly awesome if it wasn't for all the hipsters.

Thanks to Scott for finding the video for me.

Hulkster in Heaven - Hulk Hogan

An entire album of cheesy music fronted by Hulk Hogan himself. Surely even to a diehard wrestling fan, besides Hulk himself, there's no way anyone seen this as a brilliant idea.

Bible Verses Put to Cheesy Music

Christian music is hard enough for people to listen too as it is but doing something as uninspired as swiping lyrics right out of NIV, it's inexcusable. Furthermore, anything other than the Sugarcubes, air guitar is paramount to unoriginal. Stuff like this will actually cause children to tap out of religion entirely. And I further have to unapproved of what we're seeing here. The potency and quantity of drugs they had to pump into these poor kids had to be unimaginable. 

I wish the guys at gave a little more information about this clip. The sheer amount of terrible Christian video that's produced every year, it'll be impossible to track down this exact clip.

We Are E-Male - E-Male

This cheeky little website is in today's local paper and on the same page is a lot of stuff about the reboot of boy bands. They missed one! As long as there's mindless teenage girls, there will always be boy bands: most bang for minimal buck.

There's not much information about this little group. I suspect they're from the mid 90's, when the Internet first started to take hold. They wanted to ride on the coattails of the new found popularity of the world wide web but they couldn't make it happen. It's really unbelievable; these guys were so terrible even teenage girls thought they sucked.