I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

This easily could turn into a sociological blog but given the fierce strength of arrogance run amuck, there really isn't any point. I'll just leave it saying Rico Suave brought me to remember this masterpiece of failure.

By the way, what ever become of Right Said Fred? The only Fred I can think of is far more annoying, has a higher voice and sports a Beiber haircut.

Rico suave - Gerardo Mejía

Don't know how I could possibly have missed this one. How else to remember the down side of the early 90's than Rico suave? What? New Kids On The Block? Good answer. I must agree in comparison, this is Mozart. In fact, this song reminds me of another I must post ASAP.

Everything About You - Ugly Kid Joe

Yet another song I loved growing up. But something about this song has always bothered me. I eventually realized that there are only two chords and the song's structure is kindergarden:

Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, an Interlude sandwiching a Guitar solo, Chorus and an outro finalizing w/ shave and a haircut.

Rock-n'-roll by the books. Even the lyrics are very systematic and I have little appreciation for that; it's a thing for novelty and children songs.

I'll give these guys one thing, however: I feel they are one of those bands that transformed music from the sound of the 80's (long hair bands, electric pop, etc) to the sound of the 90's (grunge, modern and moderate rock, etc). This would have given most anyone else a pass but Ugly Kid Joe was a pretty marginal band over all. But after saying all that, I still like this and a few other Ugly Kid Joe songs.

Three Little Pigs - Green Jellÿ

Oh, this is some wonderful cheese. Back when it came out I bought the single cassette and wore it out.

And yeah, the name of the band use to be "Green Jellö" until Kraft asked them to change their name.