Rupaul - Supermodel

I was 12 when this song hit the airwaves so the whole concept of cross dressing was new to me. As a child, Rupaul was exactly what gave me the idea that this is one big, strange world we live in. I'll say this for him though: He's aging fabulously.

Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex

When I first heard this song I thought it was something by Les Claypool from Primus considering how much the vocalist sounds like him. Claypool has his own home studio and I figured he couldn't sleep one night so he threw that together out of boredom.

But no, its from the Swedish group, Rednex. Yeah, the country who brought us Abba brings us another earbleed. I find the description of this band on wikipedia interesting: "Rednex is a Swedish manufactured techno/folk/bluegrass band." Oh, you crazy Swedes!

Need a little pep? Try Meth!

This was intended to be an anti-drug PSA back in the 90's but it sounds more like a commercial for a new energy supplement.

Informer? I barely even knew 'er!

Informer - Snow

Riding in the car listening to XM 90s on 9 this song came on so I just had to post it. I dont know about anyone else, but I had to look the lyrics up because I have no idea what hes trying to say in the song.