Ho Ho Hold Off All Future Choir Rap.

Sorry for the bad pun...
Christmas makes me a bit nostalgic, so I figured, why not? I'll post an earbleed.

This greasy little piece of coal is from my personal archives. 2002, Duncan (OK) High School Choir Christmas Concert that broadcasted on Cablevision's channel 2, public access. My sister is in there, not a "Fly Girl" but that's the reason my mom recorded it.

Don't really know what they were going for: a Beastie Boys kind of thing, perhaps? MCA, Ad Rock and Mike D they're not; They're more aline with Fred Durst, Fred Durst and a ginger Fred Durst. Limp Bizkit were pretty popular to suburban white kids around that time. I grew up in this town so of course I can understand they have no flow....it's Duncan, Oklahoma. Such things as beat, rhythm and, God forbid, melody doesn't come natural to the natives of this town. And no, it's not entirely racial. Never quite put my finger on it. For such a small town town best known the Chris Lane murder (The Australian exchange student who got murdered because three teens were "bored"), Alan Hruby, the spoiled kid who killed his entire family to collect his inheritance and the founding home of Halliburton, there's quite a significant humanities presence. Nonetheless, if one can clap along to a simple 4/4 beat, he's in the top 1%.

Not-so Sweet Child O' Mine

I haven't posted an earbleed in nearly two years, so yeah, maybe I've grown out of the mild psychological terrorism that is tormenting my family and friends with the worst music the internet has to offer. Nonetheless, I feel I'll never totally be above it, thus when DJ b, or I should be more specific, DJ b's dog "Sweetie" shared this abortion of a Guns 'N Roses cover, it felt my duty to pass it on. Yeah, Guns N' Roses isn't exactly on many top 10 best rock band lists and Axl Rose sounds like a cat getting raped by a weed wacker but they have given us some memorable, well constructed songs that deserves better than this poorly rehearsed mess. Seriously guys, find a key and stick with it.

Thanks for sharing, Sweetie. Good dog!

True Survivor - David Hasselhoff

Never thought I would ever say these words but David Hasselhoff perhaps made one of the best videos I have ever seen in my life, and if that's not enough, it's entirely 80's theme.

It has everything: Karate, time travel,  Lambo's, explosions, dinosaurs, robots, a guy with a mullet operating 80's futuristic IT, a Nordic chick with guns, Nazi ass kicking and Thor....the freakin' Viking god Thor! And the entry line: "Permit denied". Brilliant! And if you say you don't want a Kung Fury like his, you're freakin' lying.

Sure, the song itself it's generic 80's tripe; it might as well been written by Survivor but who cares? As awesome as the video is itself, think we can all look pass that. Hell, the video tricks the senses to make us believe the song is actually pretty good!

I have to say, I've gained a whole new respect for the Hoff.

Best Friends - Sophia Grace

Think what we have here is evidence to the idea that parenting has become less of a requirement and more of suggestion. That and freakin' Ellen DeGeneres is the anti-Christ.