The Christmas Jammies family Super Bowl video

"It's Sunday Night" The Holderness Family

Yep. The Christmas Jammies couple is back and they managed to become even more annoying with a Super Bowl themed video (Sponsored by Hidden Valley). They are "that couple". They're correct but I suspect not in the way they think.

Treat All Women With Respect - DaddyDaDa

This little song is really well intended but sadly "well intended" doesn't always equal good. 

I'm sitting here trying to figure out the actual value of DaddyDaDa's message. I mean, yes, violence of any form (physical, emotional, psychological, etc.) towards women and children is wrong. And yeah, women deserve our upmost respect; that's a no-brainer there. Most of us men learned this stuff from our parents at a very young age. And it's unlikely the minority who don't seem to understand this simple concept -those who kicked puppies as children- wouldn't listen to a clumsy rap from an aging lawyer in a leather jacket and backwards hat.

Maybe that'll be a better aim: bringing awareness of the importance of parents teaching their children this very essential value.

Born to Serve - Jasmine Tridevil (a.k.a. Three-Boob June)

"It's about time I turn the tables. There's too many women with derogatory labels." This coming from the girl known for faking a third boob. In the feminism world I'm sure she carries a lot of credibility. Everyone knew we haven't seen the last of her. Most people's guess was porn. Mine too. Suppose since it was fake she had to settle with a laughable music career. This video comes pretty damn close to our initial assumptions, however.

This is an interesting one, indeed. Although to its core it sounds exactly like every piece of crap reality show stars have been making over the past 10 years; that redundant, generic tone. But no! She went a different direction. She wanted to be unique so rather than another cheesy dance song about partying, she went BDSM and ripped off Nine Inch Nails' Closer. You know, that song with the hook, "I want to f--k you like an animal." Throw in a little bit of Lady Gaga styling and Devil/Angel/Catholic imagery like we've seen from classic Madonna and boom, a video fully intended to be "edgy".

Snoppen och snippan (Willy & Fanny) - Bacillakuten på Barnkanalen

This video was made for the program Bacillakuten on Swedish Public Service as a kind of physical education, educating young children the difference between boys and girls. A cartoon wang flopping back and forth and a fanny bopping to the point it appears to dilate, no shocker it didn't go over too well with Swedish parents. 

On a side note: What guy at some point of his life didn't dress up his little buddy in headgear of some sort?
 Don't personally have any memory of doing any such thing but surely it's something I've done as a weird little kid.

But I digress...

Idina Menzel's NYC New Year's 2015 Live performance of Let It Go

During Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve at Time Square the vocalist Idina Menzel from the children's Disney cartoon Frozen performed its extensively difficult hit song 'Let It Go' live on stage. She is a talented singer who did a brilliant job recording the song. This, however, was live, in front of a large crowd, being broadcasted across the nation and in 30 degree weather. Regardless the circumstances, for the most part, she belted it out reasonably well. Nonetheless, as I have come to understand, people gave her a grave panning.

I'm not getting on that bandwagon. She could have easily opted to lip sync the song. The crowd wouldn't have cared and most people on twitter wouldn't have even noticed; not exactly musical scholars in either set. I'm sure the producers even gave her that option. Also considering, in the first place, how stupid and childish celebrating new years actually is, how the fanfare of something as trivial as a number changing, well, a pre-recorded vocal track would have fit right in with all the other asininity.