OU Cap, Sooner Football Hype Song - BAM!

There's yet another season of college football upon us, which means an onslaught of bedlam fanatics to annoy the rest of us. Past examples: 1 2 3 4 and 5.

This one is specifically special. Not only because it's OU, not even because the guy who made this is local to L-Town and not even the fact he's in county lockup at the moment for possession/concealment of stolen goods (held on $5,000 bail, as I understand). What makes this one special is how he has been reaching out from jail to several of my journalist buddies in all attempts to make his video reach a "viral platform" so he can have "the video redone professionally".

It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do - Vennu Mallesh

Best line of the song: “I’m a very good bad boy.

He would have been well enough leaving it at that, but no, he had to tear off onto a tangent with lyrics like, “I am a brain eater” “I am a smart cheater” “I am a new sencer” whatever the hell that means and “I am a kids lover”.

Loving children doesn't always point to pedo material but mixed in with other rather odd, practically nonsensical phrases it causes one to be at least a little subjective. Let's continue on: Eventually the girl, who appears only to be involved out of love and/or fear, asks what he’s trying to convey. He answers, “Just leave everyone. Believe only one. If you don’t like one, live alone.” Okay, that’s not exactly the most sociable answer in the world. There is a fine line between an individualist and an antisocial hermit. Personally I'm guessing the latter, brought on from a history of voices of concern by family members and hired and/or state-provided professionals.

And almost like he wanted to accent an air of psychopathy, he ends with the somber words of, "Don’t believe me; I’m a true liar." In all actuality is about as good as his very good bad boy line; it's a logical liar paradox, like "This statement is false" or  to quote Henry Rollins, "I’ll lie again and again and keep lying. I promise."

Run Liz Run - Campaign Video

Bet that parking lot is packed full of Priuses. I find it funny how in these badly made music videos, the left always channel Crosby, Stills and Nash while the GOP turn into some Brooks n' Dunn knock off. And my goodness the bumper sticker ideology. Nauseating as always. If this is the kind of presidential campaign Warren is counting on to get herself into office, she's screwed.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band performing "Don't Worry, Kyoko" live at Glastonbury 2014

What special combination of illicit drugs and stupid would it take a person to enjoy this wrench of a jam band? Everyone known since at least the 80's Yoko Ono has nothing to contribute but I wanted to say at least the band was good.

To those in the crowd enjoying this: I'm usually one for "each is their own" but no, no, no, not this time. It is not okay to like this. Get yourself some help; obviously you got something jacked in your head and, given your level of unstable stupidity, I have to assume you're potentially dangerous. I will fire on site for the safety of my family. Freakin' zombie hippies.