Hangover - Psy feat. Snoop Dogg

I had to sit this one out for a bit. At the epic scale of its horridness, it took me this long to even muster the energy to comprehend its existence. This is North Korea level of bad.... Surely I'm not the only who's made the Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un parallel. 

In case you're too young to remember, Snoop Dogg use to be a respectable west-coast rapper back in 90's. Who knew the guy that 20 years earlier was hanging out with the grandfather of funk, sippin' on gin and juice would end up throwin' back soju​ with a Korean ass puppet?

Summertime is Great

Yes, it is summer time (close enough anyway) but no, it isn't great. This is what happens when hippies breed.

Rollin' (OKC) Thunder

I find it funny how people use the word, "parody" or "comedic" in the vain attempt to excuse their shittiness.

Being born, raised and living in Oklahoma, allow me to say Thunder fans are the worst. What else can I say? They're obnoxious. That pretty much covers it.

The Plastics - Toby Sheldon, Kitty Jay, Venus D’Lite Feat. Adam Barta

People and their money, right? 

These three are, without any incertitude, utter wastes of human lives. If “plastics” become a race -and some can argue they already have-, it will suddenly be okay to be racist. I say this in all seriousness: I would far rather shoot myself in the head than to be “one of them” as they insist is such a wonderful thing. I would live with having my face burned off with acid; at least there's still dignity in that. Being like these three: empty and detached, so removed from any concept of humanity and interpretation of reality, life would be void of any meaning. I suppose it shouldn’t be such a surprise they decided to spend thousands of dollars in the attempt to look like someone else because they hate who they are. Ironically, in that gleamingly obviously futile pursuit, they’ve done nothing but externalizes their internal ugliness. The more work they make to their appearance, the more their inner-ugly will show.

Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne

Who should be more offended: Japanese or Katy Perry for getting ripped off? You know, I still giggle every time I think of when she tried to market herself as a punk rocker. So silly.

I'm given the understanding Avril Lavigne is wildly popular in Japan. If this is indeed the case, she's not trying to parody Kawaii culture but rather playing to her audience. It makes sense to me; of course I have nothing against them and it may be my modest opinion, but Japanese girls have very poor taste in pop culture. Either way, if she's loved over there, they can have her. Don't think anyone here has ever really enjoyed her or her music in the first place and we all agreed to right out ignore her ever since the Chad Kroeger experiment. Just remember Japan, no backsies!