On The Floor - IceJJFish

Near the end of the video you can tell the even girl just wants to get the f--k out of there. She start's having that "WTF did I get myself into?" look on her face.

Don't worry, I checked to make sure this guy didn't have some kind of stroke or anything. There's still the possibility he's deaf. If that's the case, sorry, like with Peggy Penny, that's no excuse. Frankly I have no idea what's going on here. There's no chance in hell he believes he sounds good and layering his vocals only exacerbates the problem.

My best guess is he's building himself his own preverbal field of dreams. Either that or he has the lowest standards of anyone I've come across in a while.

Take U Shopping - Ur Boy Bangs

Bangs is a rapper with a different concept: rather than objectifying and demeaning women, he decided to rap things girls would want to hear. Sounds like a great idea but it really isn't. If you ever had the misfortune of watching a guy try to pick up a woman, you know what I'm talking about. It's painful to watch not only because it's an awkward display but also because we're reminded that we're all equally as pitiful in that situation. 

Perhaps someone with greater talent will be able to pull it off. But still, naah, that's what R&B is for.

Flea Market Montgomery

Pretty much everyone knows this amazing commercial by now. Just noticed it was never put in the database. Better late than never, rigtht?

RAP Real Estate Agent San Diego - Rafael Perez

A rap about real estate is just as bad as it sounds. I listened to this thing four or five times trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about.

He started out talking about how great San Diego is a place to live. Okay, sure. No argument there.

Then he started talking about the mass foreclosures in the latter part of the noughties while showing a picture of Detroit.

From there he moved on to how the "rules of real estate are no longer the same" while showing more generic clipart.

At this point his quarter-assed rap really starts to fall apart. What the hell does "It's not about buy, hold, flip for rookies. It's about building a home or positive cash flow." suppose to mean? It's like he through in nonsense in the attempt to make a rhyme and missed dramatically. And then out of nowhere, a Martin Luther King Jr. quote. Really? I'm pretty sure MLK wasn't talking about buying & flipping homes in freakin' suburban San Diego. Suppose that was his attempt at appearing multicultural.

But anyway, then he moves on to financial planning which sputters out into a bunch of nonsense when he decided to attempt rapping again. "A place to raise the kids, or a cash flow machine." WTF is a cash flow machine? Apparently he's talking about rental property or going into the flipping business. An apparent reference back to the "home or positive cash flow" line.

Jako já (Kara- Step) - Dominika Myslivcová

Here's another find by our International DJ, Merna.

If you're looking for pedophile bait, here you go! Oh, so many people will be so thrilled to fake outrage over this video. I'm tempted to send FoxNews a link right now. They love getting outraged over shit like this. Yeah it's creepy but at least they didn't reenact the Britney Spears twat shot. That's right, I'm Mr. Positive!

We really don't know much about who this girl is or why she become famous. All I have to go on is her facebook page and other social networking sites, which all are entirely in Czech. It appears she organizes a pre-teen beauty pageant/contest she calls, "Miss Barbie". The whole Barbie thing appears to be a central theme. She even made a very bland Czech version of Aqua's Barbie Girl. She also has a website where she's selling products, all pink, many of which with her little icon or a photo of her in a pink dress I mistakenly thought was a towel, holding her stereotypical toy puppy.