Obamacare is so gay...

Thought pandering to stereotypes was considered a bad thing. I can't wait to see the ad directed to urban black youth. Oh wait, we already did! The inclusion of a Christmas theme is timely disgusting.

Tow Yo! - South Beach Tow

I never understood why this monstrosity exists until I was watching Men In Black II last night. It was used as a two-and-a-half minute filler on several occasions. TruTV, in my opinion, has far more commercials than any other channel on cable. It's like three minutes of commercials for every three minutes-and-a-half minutes of show with very limited actual content. Constant replays, slow motion segments, reputation of teasers, slow motion of slow motion segments... If you edit all them out most shows on TruTV wouldn't be more than 7 to 10 minutes long.

Speaking of content, or the lack there of....
This video pretty much has everything you would expect from a locally produced rap video: Cheesy canned beat, annoying hook that unfortunately rhymes with YOLO, twerking women and plenty guys to gawk, the blatant display of cash and jewelry (SWAG), supercar, auto-tuned female vocal break and a rap about how blank is better at blank than everyone else, so don't you be hatin'. Even though he's not singing or rapping, just appearing in the video, it is noted featuring NFL player Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. Not really sure how or why and I choose to ignore it from this point on.

The Credit Mac Daddy - Georgia Car Credit

I'm kind of disappointed he didn't use the line, "If there was a problem, Yo, the Credit Mac Daddy will solve it. Check out the hook while my mechanic resolves it."

Georgia Car Credit no longer has a website, their facebook page hasn't been updated since July and their phone number appears to have been disconnected. On top of that, their Better Business Bureau rating is "F". Turns out choosing a pimp as the companies' mascot doesn't exactly proclaim professionalism and legitimacy and he's merely one of their many bad business decisions.

Don't call 911 for Non-Emergencies, *.

I'm posting this not for the actual content of this video but for the very uncomfortable reality non-emergency calls have become so blatant and frequent a police department seen the need to wright a song and make a video to combat the problem. It's a big problem everywhere; so much so Jay Leno made a reoccuring bit out of it. Even in a world where people constantly try to bend the meaning of words, surely "Emergency" couldn't possibly mean missing a new episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo because of a power outage.

BlackBerry Love Song - At Last

The BlackBerry guys are at it again. Technically these guys have talent but just like their first song, what's the point? Just because you can change a few lyrics of an Etta James classic to promote your new OS doesn't mean you should. Remember, you're essentially singing a love song to a smartphone. I don't mean it as a dig but considering how much the guy singing looks like Eric Wareheim, I find it pretty humorous; it's almost like he's accidentally doing so ironically.