Snuggie + The Macarena = Fail!

This commercial has been out for a couple months now and like most everyone I would go running for the mute button every time it comes on; this and that "I have to reuse my old catheters" commercial....Uuh, that one always comes on while I'm trying to eat.

The Snuggie as a product itself questions our intelligence to begin with but combining it with The Macarena? I hope this company goes bankrupt. Honestly, does anyone besides the morbidly obese actually have and use a snuggie? Pretty much everyone I've talk too who had one got it as a Christmas/Birthday gift and it has never came out of the box. I remember going to Wal-Mart after Christmas seeing a large pile of Snuggies at the refund/returns department.

Venus - Bananarama

I suspect to see a Gillette ad where this song is displayed. To me, this is Gillette's Rickroll.

You'll Love My Johnson!

Johnson Boat and/or Outboard Commercial from the 80's

Its things like this that will maintain my youth. I so love immature stuff like this.

Need a little pep? Try Meth!

This was intended to be an anti-drug PSA back in the 90's but it sounds more like a commercial for a new energy supplement.