About this website and what is an earbleed.

What qualifies a song as being an earbleed?

Generally speaking, an earbleed is any song that is asinine, badly made, badly executed, redundant, and/or simply annoying in nature. The noun 'Earbleed' can even refer to a so-called artist who's prone to producing a string of earbleeds. There are examples where the qualification of an earbleed is based on an educated opinion by the DJ but there are many musical pieces/performances out there most everyone would agree is an earbleed.

Generally speaking, novelty music isn't an earbleed and the difference needs to be made clear. Novelty music is created to be a joke; it's comedy recordings. An earbleed is music that was created to be viable but failed or missed the intended mark in some epic way; landing as being a joke to people like myself.

It is also important to note no one genre of music is free of earbleeds. Earbleeds aren't based on genres. On that note, any educated man wouldn't condemn entire genres, e.g. I will never use the term "Rap music is Crap music."

Especially after the first few weeks of contributing to this website, just because something is considered an earbleed, that doesn't mean we hate it. In the past I have mentioned that I'm growing an appreciation for earbleeds; it gives me a broader appreciation for music.

I haven't yet found a specific pattern in deciding if something is an earbleed or not; I'm simply using a gut feeling with an educated eye. Sometimes, it can be a tough choice. For example, Foreigner's "Hot Blooded". I can't stand the song but is it an earbleed? Possibly, but I say no. "Funk Dat" by Sagat. I love that song, but it qualifies as an earbleed. 

Thus, just because I personally don't care for something doesn't make it an earbleed. Inversely, just because I like something doesn't mean it's not an earbleed. Just because something is an earbleed that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad and just because something isn't an earbleed doesn't make it good. 

I must agree, music can be subjective like that from time to time.

The definition of an earbleed may change throughout the life of this website but as for now, I think this is a good description.

Why was this site created?

First and foremost, this website was created to have a bit of fun. This subject is a discussion many of us have from time to time. We've all heard a song on the radio, on TV, or blasting out of a car next to us at the light on our way to work that causes us to think to ourselves, "How can anyone possibly see this as anything other than complete shit?" Yes, I'm quite sure most everyone had a moment like that in there life.

DJ b and I, over a conversation about exactly this nature decided to create this website. 

This site was created and is fully intended to be for fun but I also like to think, in a way, we're the first one's who are actually holding the music industry accountable for the drivel they have been producing for the past 20 to 30 years. I personally would love to hold their feet to the fire, requiring them to produce something other than crap like the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, the list goes on and on.

We have to take the task of calling out the industry one earbleed at a time. This task may be too large for us alone but if we can at least get the ball rolling, well, my parents raised me to always do what's right even if it's something that can be considered as disagreeable. It's a little thing called character.