Achy Breaky 2 - Buck 22 feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

The fusion of hip-hop and country isn't exactly a new concept. I'm sure everyone remembers Accidental Racist. There are a few examples that aren't a complete embarrassment, I just can't quite remember any.

I find it ironic Larry King is reporting the sighting of a UFO seeing how he looks very much like an alien himself. He's starting to get that E.T. quality in his older age.

So, there's a UFO "transcending" over Europe at 35,000 mph while at the same time hovering over Kentucky? And while you're reporting the existence of aliens and that they're currently in our skies, that's when you choose to mention Muhammad Ali was born in Kentucky? Alright, let's use that as a barometer for the level of attention taken in the process of making this video.

Nonetheless, I'll say this version is actually an improvement over the 90's original that polluted good memories of our childhood. Not exactly a hard task. Anyway, let's dig in.

Naked twerking alian chicks
Miley keeps twerkin', daddy's song is workin'

The twerk is something a self-respecting woman never does, especially on film, but I would be a liar if I didn't say, in most cases, I watch it in pure enjoyment. And really, what better way for Billy Ray to respond to people criticizing his parental prowess? His point is made; he doesn't give a damn what his daughter does, just as long as she keeps makin' those millions.

Really Miley could learn something: If she insists on continuing, twerking shouldn't look like a dog with worms or a post-dump wipe.

vaping alian chick

I don't exactly know what place the vaporizers serve in this video. Seeing these are scantly dressed hot alien women with advanced technology visiting earth on a quest of exploration, one can only assume, I can only suspect these long, light saber looking devices are multiple action. Buck 22 really should be careful unless it's his goal to get probed. There are worse ways it could go down, I suppose.

 boy's wet dream come to life

When they asked this kid to be part of the video, hearing Billy Ray Cyrus was involved, I'm sure he was less than thrilled. But the moment they explained the plot was that of every 13-year-old boy's wet dream, I'm sure it took no further convincing.

intergalactic night club

By the latter part of the song there's random shots of people who appear to be abducted right from a night club. And I have no freaking clue what the "Beat Freaks" dancers are all about. Or what those two alien chicks were drinking from those glowing tall boys (Kentucky whisky, perhaps?). Maybe it's better not to try to make sense of anything from this video, who the hell Buck 22 is or why this remake even exists. It's about as disposable and has the same depth as your dad's old VHS porno tapes.