America is Dumbing Down Pop-Culture


If you're in your 30's and didn't have too much fun in the decade, like me you'd remember the 90's quite well. This video reminded me a big part of the early to mid-90's. I remember very well how all of society's problems seem to be blamed on pop-culture; and done so very haphazardly.

Take this example: This is a story from a small TV affiliate 5 o-clock news in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm guessing this is from around 91/92. They were doing a story on a string of arsons in the city. Very amazingly they open talking about the rash of fires but the story seems to be more about the song from MC 900 Ft. Jesus, "The City Sleeps".

Chances are you've never heard of the song. If MC 900 Ft. Jesus rings a bell, in 1994 he released "One Step Ahead of the Spider" which had his largest hit, thanks to Beavis & Butthead (which the media and churches across the nation alike loved to blame for teenager's stupidity), "If I Only Had a Brain". "The City Sleeps" was a very marginal hit, getting it's greatest sense of popularity in the indie/alternative/underground music scenes.

In reality, this song and the album it's on, "Welcome to my Dream" very possibly had more popularity in Europe than it did here in the U.S.; even with the fact MC 900 Ft. Jesus, a.k.a. Mark Griffin, is from Dallas, Texas. I was around 11 at the time so this is just an educated guess. It would make sense though considering how trip-hop grew in popularity in the mid to late 90's in Europe and one could make the observation MC 900 Ft. Jesus' style is comparable to the four to the floor style of trip-hop.

But back to my point: If MC 900 didn't know about this story he surely would have loved this attention. After all, anyone with any level of intellectual thought would see right through this stupidity and see this as free advertising for his song.

My actual point is in past or present tense, it's stupid to blame a song, TV show, or anything else from pop-culture for crimes, accidents, anti-social behavior or any kind of stupidity children (both young and grown) commit. It still happens today: a few months back I heard a local story where a mother blamed YouTube because her 17-year-old kid burned 40% of his body attempting a stupid stunt he seen on a YouTube video. She even took her computer out to the front lawn and destroyed it with a baseball bat. I suppose it's more comfortable to blame pop-culture than to come to the realization that you're raising a complete dumbass and your parenting skills suck! Uuh, you stupid-ass with your meth'd up teeth.....

I actually blame stupidity in pop-culture on the stupidity in our society. If we were a far more intellectual society, we wouldn't commit as much crime, attempt such stupid stunts or listen to god-awful music.

Oh, I'd like to state that I'm a gigantic MC 900 Ft. Jesus fan. I have every one of his full length albums, including the vinyl cut of "Hell With the Lid Off" and "Welcome to my Dream" (which is very, very rare). I also have all but two vinyl maxi-singles he created for DJ and/or promotional use (both European and domestic prints). In my opinion, everything he touches turns to gold. His music is absolutely timeless and he was way ahead of his time. Just wanted to state that by the off chance Mr. Griffin happens to my little website and reads this little blog entry.

Now, to all you little impressionable children out there, I'll leave you with the words from a truly wise man: "Read a book, read a book, read a motherfuckin' book!"

Please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes. This blog entry was written while under the influence of sleep-aid medication right before my bedtime.