Attention - Scarlett Santana

Of course her name isn't really Scarlett Santana; That would be silly! Her actual name, actually given to her by her parents, is Jasmine Mercedes. Considering she started her life with a stripper name I have to say she's doing pretty well for herself. I mean, sure, she would be able to make far more money on the pole but nonetheless.

I specifically hate songs like this. These egotistical songs. Heard one, you heard them all. There's usually something about partying in one context or another and there's always bragging about appearance, skill and most of the time (either implied or blunt), sexual ability. I'm actually shocked she didn't have a "Bet you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" kind of line in there anywhere. Oh, no wait, I double checked, there is: "In my high heels and my short skirt who won come test me? Run up and get your feeling hurt."

Mmm, what lovely lyrics. No wonder she's credited as being a poet....

These annoyingly stupid ego songs are almost always done by complete hacks with nothing to say, they're always cancer to the ears and it's usually done by women a self-respecting man wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. Yeah. In general terms, not even with Hitler's penis. I was shocked when I read she's only 24. I initially was guessing she was a hagged out housewife in her mid to upper 40's with way too much badly done plastic surgery. Hmm, on that point, I kind of feel sorry for her now.

Submitted by Maff