Bach Goes Synth

Switched-On Back - Wendy Carlos

I remember standing in St. Stephens in Vienna, Austria listening to an organist blasting out the most complicated pieces of music ever created and this brings up that memory. That isn't good; I now feel that memory is now tainted.

Bach is great and everything Moog makes is great but sometimes two worlds shouldn't ever cross. I mean, this is like Stan Kenton classics on banjo. Oh yeah, Progressive Bluegrass! I'll keep an eye out for that.

The musician responsible for this made it clear she hasn't quite made the leap into the 21st century of content sharing and to respect copyrights I won't even attempt to find an example on the Internet. Instead, you can learn more about this album by visiting Wendy Carlos' website.

And if you wish to purchase a copy and you own a turntable, you can find a copy on ebay for a decent price.