Beautiful Bomb - Reckless Love

Here's a phrase I wished I'd never have the misfortune to write: Contemporary Glam Metal band. Finland, I love you guys, but come on!

It doesn't take much time to realize these guys' sound is more glam pop-rock than metal. They sound like a combination between an old-school, late-80's glam band and any generic boy band. Kind of like Jonas Brothers meet Whitesnake

This is very disturbing. Of course, like in all the old-school videos they include a blond bombshell in their video.......never mind she's pushing 40. It's very predictable: near the beginning of the video she's shown painting "Reckless Love" on a bomb in lipstick. It's beyond obvious by the end of the video she's going to be riding that thing. The most disturbing part of this video is there's, one after the other, close up shots of the girl and the lead singer. After a while it becomes hard to tell them apart. And, a guy wearing makeup and a sequin blouse while riding a motorcycle sends mixed messages....although I'm sure there are bars all across the country where that very scene can be reenacted.