Bound 2 - Kanye West

Kanye and Kim Kardashian (KKK): the albatross around the neck of every American, tied like a noose ever tightening. With attention whores as astronomical as these two I rather not give them more but this piece of garbage is so horrible I wouldn't be doing my job if I continued to ignore it.

I easily would have been able to continue ignoring it wasn't for James Franco and Seth Rogen. Like every generic track with phoned-in lyrics Kanye makes, this wretch is instantly ignorable/forgettable. James and Seth, on a lunch break and no budget, beautifully illustrated what this is: A badly produced PDA of two people who loves no one more than themselves put to shitty music. You know, love doesn't see color or even sex but Cupid sure as hell is vomiting blood after making this coupling. And by time North West starts talking, that little heart-tipped arrow carrying winged bastard will have a bounty on his head.