The Christmas Jammies family Super Bowl video

"It's Sunday Night" The Holderness Family

Yep. The Christmas Jammies couple is back and they managed to become even more annoying with a Super Bowl themed video (Sponsored by Hidden Valley). They are "that couple". They're correct but I suspect not in the way they think.

Hope everyone enjoys their Football-watching holiday; as we do every year, we'll be glued to the TV butt deep in a horror flick marathon....We're not exactly what one would refer to as sports fans, which made this past an especially annoying work week; everyone asking what team I'll be rooting for. It was fairly amusing, however, how everyone to whom I replied, "I don't even know who's playing" looked at me as though I was some kind of foreign spy. It's almost as funny as being that guy who says, "You know, in other countries, football or 'fútbol' is what we call Soccer!" But no. I'd rather not get beat up or placed in some kind of damp basement cubical. 

But anyway, it's fans like these jackasses and their alpha-male, stereotypical friends (who do very much exist), far greater than my general disinterest in the sport, that causes me to dislike Super Bowl Sunday. Them and the whole "Oh I just watch it for the commercials" crowd. I can't help but wonder how many of these people like to complain about commercials or even commercialism in general at any other time of the year. You know, come Monday morning, that'll be the key talking point both in the office and online. It's seldom I pray for an illness.

I will never understand the appeal of the Super Bowl. I find it hard to believe all of a sudden everyone's huge football fans, let alone for these two specific teams. My best guess is it's an excuse for people to have a party with like-minded friends and vomit beer and chicken wing fragments in someone else's house. The latter part sounds hilarious, but still, I don't see the appeal. To be fair I am an introvert who doesn't care for loud noises and crowded places.