Doc G's HTC Anthem "Hold the Crown" w/ David Bruce

Allow me to start off by saying, yes, HTC makes quality phones. That's why I, coincidentally, bought one the day before this video went viral and I freakin' love it. HTC is the phone you buy if you want an LG but rather not spend as much money. And in this video they're correct on two fronts: iPhones freakin suck (this from a guy typing this entry using a MacBook Pro) and the Samsung Galaxy, no matter how awesome as it may be, is over priced.​ And don't even get me started on how rediculous I find the Galaxy Note. There's people actually driving while talking on those things. Terrifying!

The largest problem with HTC has nothing to with their phones. Their largest problem is their marketing: That aging hipster Gary Oldman blah blah blah commercial is the perfect example. So of course their viral marketing would be just as atrocious. Not that they're alone, Blackberry had one or two bad viral video attempts as well and most of us has hated Apple commercials for around 10 years now. But really, WTF was HTC thinking with this monstrosity of a failure? A rap video featuring bad Sherrod Small and Seth Green look-alikes jumping around like dogs just out from a bath and poorly constructed cellphone bodysuits exercising in an abandoned warehouse. It's really strange.

In the Gary Oldman commercial it was like HTC was taking the high ground, telling the consumer to do their own research and not to rely on some ad or gimmick. Yeah, he did it in the most pretentious and arrogant way possible but at least that was refreshing.....kind of. So, should we take that advice and totally disregard this entire video? Or, which is my guess, that strategy didn't work so they decided to pull an urban 180? If the ladder is the case, just ask Boost Mobile how that's working out for them: The burner phone carrier of choice for drug dealers since 2003.

I really hope this was a one time thing. If you want to fit in, get an iPhone. If you're trying to impress people, get a Samsung. If you want a good phone, get either an LG or HTC. If HTC is really trying to change their image they better be careful, otherwise they run the risk of loosing what little market share they have.