Dorothy (Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs)

This song suppose to be some kind of half-assed metaphor of a Chiefs/Broncos matchup (I know very little about football; apparently they're a kind of rivalry), but rather, this video appears more like a bad production of The Wiz held at what appears to be a jogging trail adjacent a parking lot and university or business complex.

You know the only reason why he felt the need to clearly point out his mistake (The Chiefs' stadium is in Missouri, not Kansas) is because he knew he was going to receive hell about it in the comment section. Being a big enough football fan and invested enough interest in this rivalry to make a song about it, surely he should have known that. Nonetheless, I'm not gonna give him crap about it; when a city spans two states, especially when it's named after one of them, that shit happens. I mean, I hate to think how many people in this country, grown and with children, doesn't even realize Kansas City is in both Kansas and Missouri.