Earbleed 3.0

I decided to start the process of redesigning this website once again. It's been around two years since the last spruce-up and looking at the modules how they're not really fitting anymore, it's time to change things up a bit. I want a little more streamline setup that will load quicker, look less messy and just that much more user friendly. I'd also like to see if I can implement new stuff that's been developed since my last redesign. I don't intend on changing the icon too much; I like its simplicity but make it smaller and part of the general layout. The initial thoughts I have in my head is switching to a more wordpress blog format like lolzland and People of Walmart.

The front page will change dramatically. I may end up not having a front page, but rather, chronological list of earbleeds, showing the last posted first. From there, users can select which specific category they want. This blog, considering how I never really posted anything in the past couple years, will be pushed even further in the background.....relabel it "news" or something.....don't know yet. 

Perhaps the biggest change (for me at least) is I'll be moving everything to the root. E.g. rather than earbleed.com/z/, simply earbleed.com/. That was something I should have done two years ago and chickened out doing. Anyone who knows will tell you placing the website in a directory like I have has real SEO disadvantages and fixing that problem will be easier and cleaner than the alternatives. The one big down side to that is every post made on every page using the facebook API will disappear. If there's a URL modifier on the facebook end I'm unaware of hopefully I'll find it. I'll most likely make this push even before I publish the new design. I'll mention this on twitter and facebook beforehand. I don't want anyone to come back to a post they commented on and think, "Oh that douche bag deleted my comment!!!"

I'll be sticking with Drupal. It's awesome. It's just as easy as creating a new theme. When I have something worth showing I might give everyone the ability to give it a look if they wish.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas for this redesign or pretty much anything they'd love to see on this website, please let me know.


Update 6/20/13

Turns out godaddy doesn't give me access to my apache config file which means I'm unable to change the root directory for the domain. As it stands, I have three options: 1. continue with the existing redirect I set up 2. move drupal to the root folder or 3. set up a subdomain and redirect to that. The second option may be the best but talk about a serious pain in the ass. In the meantime I'm going to see how a subdomain works. Theoretically speaking that would fix my SEO problem, and also, old links will still be valid. Not my ideal option but it may work out the best.