Earth Guardians Ain't Got No Skill.

These little booger eaters are part of an action group, calling themselves Earth Guardians. It was started by a group of tree hungers (i.e. Mentor Team) who decided it'd be a good idea to indoctrinate impressionable pre-teen rugrats. And don't worry, there's much more god awful music on their website. It's their thing evidently.

There is nothing that annoys me more than when people use children as pawns for political causes. I don't care what the subject, whether it's from the left or right, it's a good way to lose my support. Like with this example, it's crackpot to send out a couple kids to "inform" other kids about this bad thing called "fracking" and how it's destroying the earth and evil corporations are making billings upon billions on the poisoning of sweet little animals, ponds and trees. Rather than, you know, using actual facts or at least evidence, they opted for the badly written and even more poorly executed rap method. I only hope these kids were the ones who actually wrote this piece of crap. What little I could understand was hackish, had no flow and, well, I can tell they didn't really do any research. 

Do you really think these little useful idiots know anything about any of the faux environmentalism that has been shoved down their throats? All they can hear and understand is "earth good" "hurting earth bad" "plant tree" "save us from global warming" "making money (e.g. capitalism) is bad".....unless you're cool like Al Gore. You know kids: they can believe in anything as long as it's fun and it's presented with enough emotion and energy. Making them feel they can actually make a difference helps too. Worked for the Nazis!

Okay kids, for the sake of argument, let's say fracking is bad. I suppose we should switch entirely to wind and solar. Will that make you happy? Oh yeah, we can't use wind....the wind turbines are bad for birds. Okay, let's use just solar. I'm sure daddy wouldn't mind paying at least 10-times as much to power your Wii and surely you won't mind rolling blackouts. Or hell, let's just go full Amish! I'm sure after a week of that bollocks your view of "corporations" will change dramatically. Yeah, on a hot August day little Billy would club a baby seal himself for AC.

I live in Oklahoma where we're seeing a natural gas boom thanks to franking. My tap water isn't catching on fire and if the earthquakes we've had over the past couple years is somehow caused by fracking, after looking at how my electricity bill has gone down, that's just fine! From what I've heard fracking is actually quite safe, not detrimental to the earth and it allows for a smaller footprint, making sight cleanup quicker. I've also heard a lot of bullshit that's been easily dismissed. There seems to be a lot of that stuff going around these days.

Don't misunderstand me and write me off as some right-wing nut. My general concept is, whenever people go way off on a fringe viewpoint, a rambling tangent using specific words in the effort to sound smart (at least smarter the you), making absolute statements/stands (e.g. It's their way or nothing at all.) and demonizing whoever disagrees with their own political bent, perhaps taking them for their word is a bad idea. Asking questions is always a good thing. If you believe fracking is bad, ask questions. If you believe it's all environmental snake oil, ask questions. Don't yell at people or write a stupid rap. Ask questions. Seems a little more fracking. :-)