A fix that was a long time coming.

Anyone who came to this website may have been wondering why they were redirected to the directory "/z". Well, that was the directory where I built this website and I never moved it to root. When it comes to stuff like SEO and loading speeds it's a n00b mistake. I knew right from the start it was a bad idea but been too lazy to move it. Drupal was in bad need for an update along with a number of modules and CKEditor and I felt this as the perfect opportunity to make this fix as well. 

There are a few downsides: if you ever posted a comment on this website it's now gone. It's not because I didn't like your comment - I love comments - the facebook comments API is URL based. Also, every link posted on facebook, twitter and everywhere else doesn't work. Although I didn't remove the drupal site at /z, I did put it in maintenance mode. Every URL should be the same excluding the /z. I should have done this years ago, but oh well, it's done now.

Oh and I just remembered: Every link I made referencing to another page on this site will also be incorrect. I'll fix these broken links as I discover them.