Get Down Goblin - Jan Terri

Jan Terri first made her appearance on this website in May of last year, posted by DJ b. We didn't realize what exactly we had at the time but I recognized her in this video, did a little digging and found, yes, the woman in this video is the very same woman who did "Losing You". I was rather shocked by this. I fully believed that asinine video was a one-time thing some random person did.

She looks a bit younger and - for lack of a better word - thinner than in Losing You but you can tell by the almost purposely sloppy camera work and sound quality along with her terrible acting that it's her. Seriously, it's like someone handed her a bass guitar and told her, "hold your fist with your thumb out like this and no one will be able to tell this is the first time you picked up a musical instrument."

She also has two albums and several singles. I expect to be sharing a bit more gold from Jan throughout the month. I also will do all that I can to get a hold of physical copies of her albums. If someone can hook me up, send me a tweet!