Has Lady Gaga & Marilyn Manson ever been seen together?

I really can't be the first person to make the observation that Lady Gaga is beginning to look very much like Marilyn Manson. I watched Monday's Tonight Show this evening on Hulu and I couldn't help but find this striking resemblance.

It seems perfectly suitable for me to bring this up, even giving I try to concentrate on the musical aspects of pop-culture; but when an "artist" - and I use that word lightly in this case - cares more about her image in pop-culture than the music she puts on a CD, fashion becomes, forces itself, as being just as relevant to the medium as her music itself. As asinine this concept may be, this has been very much the case for the past 30 years. We've seen it start in the 80's with such debacles as The Culture Club and Madonna. Speaking of which, Lady Gaga is nothing more than a rehash between them. Or more specifically stated: Lady Gaga is the inbred child between Madonna and Marilyn Manson with a little "man glitter" sprinkled on top contributed from Boy George.

Since I brought up Madonna, my wife mentioned how the song Lady Gaga performed - Born This Way - at the Grammy Awards sounded to be ripped off from Madonna. I had to look back myself for I completely slept through the Grammy Awards. The Hollywood Gossip makes a pretty good case on how it sounds very much like Madonna's 1989 hit Express Yourself. Given how they both work from the same genre, "Shock Pop", it only seems reasonable to me their songs, after a while, would begin to sound very much the same. As easy as it would be to rag on her about this, 1. she doesn't hold the musical credibility for this to hurt her image and 2. I actually wouldn't expect any less from her.

Earlier this evening I tweeted how this time a year from now, Lady Gaga would look virtually identical to Marilyn Manson. The thought of Lady Gaga is bad enough and Lady Gaga taking her styling cues from Marilyn Manson is even worse; Now, imagine Lady Gaga as a dead ringer for Marilyn Manson while wearing her meat dress.

Don't rack your brain on that. I've gone ahead and photoshopped it for you.

"I'm a free bitch baby"
-Lady Gaga