Ho Ho Hold Off All Future Choir Rap.

Sorry for the bad pun...
Christmas makes me a bit nostalgic, so I figured, why not? I'll post an earbleed.

This greasy little piece of coal is from my personal archives. 2002, Duncan (OK) High School Choir Christmas Concert that broadcasted on Cablevision's channel 2, public access. My sister is in there, not a "Fly Girl" but that's the reason my mom recorded it.

Don't really know what they were going for: a Beastie Boys kind of thing, perhaps? MCA, Ad Rock and Mike D they're not; They're more aline with Fred Durst, Fred Durst and a ginger Fred Durst. Limp Bizkit were pretty popular to suburban white kids around that time. I grew up in this town so of course I can understand they have no flow....it's Duncan, Oklahoma. Such things as beat, rhythm and, God forbid, melody doesn't come natural to the natives of this town. And no, it's not entirely racial. Never quite put my finger on it. For such a small town town best known the Chris Lane murder (The Australian exchange student who got murdered because three teens were "bored"), Alan Hruby, the spoiled kid who killed his entire family to collect his inheritance and the founding home of Halliburton, there's quite a significant humanities presence. Nonetheless, if one can clap along to a simple 4/4 beat, he's in the top 1%.

Yeah, I know it sounds like I'm knocking my old hometown a bit and, who knows, perhaps I am. Being an odd ball for whom the concept of "fitting in" was impossible, especially for a town that's tantamount to the village on Hot Fuzz, having some underlaying passive aggressive hostility will happen. It actually is a nice town and I would move back if I had to. It's been over 15 years since I lived there. I'm not the same as I was 15 years ago. Things change.

But of course, as usual, I got off topic...
I don't completely blame these kids for this horrible performance. High school boys aren't subtle: Most aren't in choir because they like to sing. I know the only reason this stupid rap, I can fully believe they came up with, was only allowed to see the light of day is because teachers are desperate to do things in their classes they believe the kids like. I can understand the reasoning, no matter how thoroughly contrived their failure was set. I'm sure as I type this there's another embarrassing piece of drivel that'll later be fodder for ridicule. Sadly, lessons can only be learned once at a time.