I can't drive 55 but 0 mph no problem!

This song only barley qualities as an earbleed (Sammy Hagar is great but when he finds a riff he likes, he'll play it over and over and over again), so why did I think of it? Well, for the same reason that it's been a few days since I last posted. I personally was unable to drive 55 myself because my car wouldn't start. And when I have car problems, I can't think of anything else.

I think all the problem was from a clogged fuel filter. Let me give you a rule of wisdom: if you can't remember the last time your fuel filter has been changed, especially if your car doesn't get as good of gas mileage it once has, do yourself a favor and change it.

In the very least, your friends won't have to deal with hearing you go on about car and the idea your car's gas is about the same color as the petrol spewing in the gulf is very disturbing. Plus it's a cheap and easy fix (if this computer geek can do it, anyone who can fit under their car can). Thanks to my friends who gave me a hand though all this (giving me rides and putting up with my stress). I really am blessed.

Update: Didn't realize I never updated this story. It wasn't the fuel filter. The crank sensor went bad. Hmm, or was it the time the coil quit firing? No, that happen during the winter. Ah well, got a new car since then but for a car that was 20-years-old w/ over 160,000 miles it was pretty damn reliable.