I Just Want to Ride Bikes With YOU

Ride Bikes

There was a time when wedding pictures never left the wedding album and videos stayed on VHS. I'm sure they're a lovely couple and she seems like a very loving person who's full of joy and life. All this is good and I'm happy for them but why must everyone engage in public displays of affection by putting such nonsense on youtube?

According to the original video description:

"This surprise wedding music video was created for my husband 
Todd Evan Krieger in Venice Beach, California and unveiled for
him at our wedding reception in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Other shots shown are in Malibu, Laguna Beach, Tahoe, Ixtapa,
Burning Man, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Topanga
Canyon, Taos, Vancouver, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands.

I'd like to give a major shout out to Panos Stoumpos whom hit
the pavement with me capturing shots; he's a creative rock star.
Steve McCormick is super talented and was uber helpful in the
studio when recording, and John David Heeg buttoned everything
up with his rad editing skills.

Hats off to our beautiful cat Balka...and of course my amazing
husband Todd whose love inspired this video!!!
Everything's okay-o when I'm with Tadeo."

Well, that's all fine and nice but it would be ​naive of me to believe she didn't also create this video -and later shared on youtube- to shove her happiness in the noeses of those around her who perhaps isn't as lucky as she perceives herself. It may sound mean, but no, that's simple human nature we're all guilty of from time to time......if/when we're lucky......otherwise why else would anyone use facebook?