Idina Menzel's NYC New Year's 2015 Live performance of Let It Go

During Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve at Time Square the vocalist Idina Menzel from the children's Disney cartoon Frozen performed its extensively difficult hit song 'Let It Go' live on stage. She is a talented singer who did a brilliant job recording the song. This, however, was live, in front of a large crowd, being broadcasted across the nation and in 30 degree weather. Regardless the circumstances, for the most part, she belted it out reasonably well. Nonetheless, as I have come to understand, people gave her a grave panning.

I'm not getting on that bandwagon. She could have easily opted to lip sync the song. The crowd wouldn't have cared and most people on twitter wouldn't have even noticed; not exactly musical scholars in either set. I'm sure the producers even gave her that option. Also considering, in the first place, how stupid and childish celebrating new years actually is, how the fanfare of something as trivial as a number changing, well, a pre-recorded vocal track would have fit right in with all the other asininity.

But no, she went up there with great testicular fortitude knowing full well what she was walking into and handled it with class. The twitter response was really a statement on how this generation is unaware of what a live performance actually suppose to sound like. There are going to be errors. There's going to be that missed high note. You don't see live albums as much these days because pop concerts, most the time, contains no actual live audio. Just some dude hitting play and a bunch of trained monkeys dancing around. Even in this instance, her vocals are obviously live but the band isn't; not as much as a Casio keyboard in sight.

But yeah, observing the clock passing into a new year is stupid, yet, if we're still awake, it's something we all do. Actually going out in freezing weather to celebrate it each and every year, well, it's the pastime of a fool. New Years Eve as a holiday is almost as stupid as Valentines Day: If you're single it just plain sucks and if you're in a relationship and you only show your significant other love one day a year, you're an a$$hole. But that's a subject for next month...