The L-Town Hip-Hop Scene

Swag Step - Quava J

After doing a little bit of digging to get a feel of the hip-hop scene here in Lawton, Oklahoma I found this gem. Yeah, it may not be the best example of our local acts. For fairness to my beloved hometown I'll get to those in a minute.

Evidently after the release of this video, Quava J's musical aspirations was short-lived. All I managed to find was a MySpace page with a few more tracks and a facebook fan page with three likes and two posts: one of a photo of her looking old-school hip and another with a link to her now deleted ReverbNation page.

I love she decided to shoot this video at one of our loveliest parks, Elmer Thomas Park with kids and the L-Town Ruff Riders motorcycle club. It's cute and sweet but that doesn't save its horridness. Seriously, Swag Step? Those two words alone kill this song. The worst word in the English dictionary is swag and songs dedicated to simplistic dance moves is beyond cheesy. She seem to give it her most though and she had fun in the process; I gotta give her that.

After seeing and hearing that mess it may be hard to believe but there actually is some talent here in town. My favorite local MC has to be BT da Youngsta. Um, FYI, be careful on his twitter page; I wouldn't suggest looking through his photos unless you like awkwardly-shot pussy pics.

SumbodyButtStank - BT da Youngsta

This is the very definition of brilliance. Anyone who can manage to write an entire song about searching for a shit smell has my seal of approval. I also love his style and his look, which is something between a heavyset Theo Cosby and MC RUN, right down to his Adidas....old-school cool. I don't know if that's what he was going for, but either way, I dig it.

Now, to a real local celebrity, the guy and video I just know all my friends hoped I'd mention: CapTen Conceited's and his infamous video, 11:11.

11:11 - CapTen Conceited

Of course I have to mention this masterpiece!

Lot's of people in town hate this video because they feel it paints a bad image of Lawton. I know the area this video was shot. It's pretty rough. It's an area near the airport many refer to as Southside. For the area, a video shot in the front of a greasy convenience store with a random fight going on in the background hits it square on the head. Lawton is a city and cities have bad neighborhoods with high crime as well as neighborhoods where one can assume a reasonable sense of safety. Luckily I live in one of the latter neighborhoods.

Lawton is strange though and it's not quite that simple: Along with two, possibly as many as four well established ghettos in town, there's also a number of mini-hoods scattered throughout the city. In other words, if you're not in a ghetto, take a right. Nonetheless, more so than not, Lawton is a safe place to live with good honorable people even in the bad neighborhoods and it's a place I'm glad to call home.

Back to CapTen. I don't really have anything to say about his rapping. Honestly, I found it hard to understand anything he said because his grill kept breaking my concentration, I don't comprehend this style of hip-hop and, even if he does suck, I'm smarter than to talk shit about anyone in that area. As far as the fighting, it makes the video. It's real. My only complaint is, man, if you're going to have a background dancer in your video, take a page from BT da Youngsta's book. We want to see her! Keeping her blurry off in the distance and only showing a half-second body shot is sacrilege. We were able to see the background dancer in BT's video clearly, for a significant amount of time and she was beautiful!

Peace out and shout out to my Deadcore homies!