Leroy The Redneck Reindeer - Joe Diffie

Living in a southwest and being part of an extended family who could by those less tolerant consider "redneck", first offends me, and second, leaves me with a few questions: We have a reindeer with a John Deere hat, overalls, and an old pickup truck and living in a big hunting community. First, given he wouldn't hunt his brothers, what would he hunt and what keeps him from being hunted? Turkey or wild hog I guess and according to my dad, "He has a flying pickup to keep him out of trouble. That's true I guess.

And he's, "Singing Jingle Bells with a rebel yell". I know exactly what that sounds like. Merry Christmas everyone! I for one can't wait to spend our Christmas with my deer huntin' family.


Just arrived home from spending Christmas with my wonderful family. It's amazing how quickly children grow. But anyway, after spending some time discussing on this subject with my uncle, he made it grossly apparent what would happen to Leroy if he were to set up camp in Prague, Oklahoma. Let's hope his services wasn't necessary for Santa to sufficiently deliver his cargo to all the good Christian children across the world this year. Obviously, if he did, his wasn't a smooth journey.

This leg was fresh enough not to stink and the joints were free of rigor mortis. It had a smell. The smell reminded me of the taste of the last piece of deer jerky I enjoyed. This tells me, unless it's simply an uncanny coincidence, the likelihood this foot's origin is from one of Santa's reindeer is considerable.

I hope this doesn't disturb any little children who has the misfortune of stumbling onto this page. If so, allow me to give a word of optimism: Surely Santa is okay and the loss of a head of livestock wouldn't keep him from continuing his profession next Christmas. Keep your eyes in the sky kids. Just keep your eyes in the sky!