That Little Sports Car - The Shaggs

I have no idea how anyone could ever think putting these girls on stage was a good idea. They remind me of Wheelz of Steel. I don't know if they have any mental disabilities or not; it's amazing how bad singing sometimes can sound like down syndrome. Frankly it doesn't matter. This is pretty f'd up either way.

Their father essentially forced his daughters to start this band when their mother foresaw their successful musical career. Don't think I have to mention their mother was completely wrong in her prediction.
FYI: No, I'm not making fun of mental retardation. I'm not a douche bag. I'm running on the educated guess that these girls aren't/weren't mentally compromised. If later I find out I'm wrong this post will be taken down. Poking fun at anyone with a handicap is a first class ticket to hell and that's a flight I'd rather not be on. Hmm, but earlier this morning I found a song by a devil worshiping neo-nazi paraplegic. Think I could get away with making fun of him. I really have no idea how these things work.