May God be with us this 9/11

This use to be another late-summer day just like any other but now its a day that causes everyone to choke up a little bit by the very mention of the date. A day of memorial. A day of memorial for those who lost and have lost. I think I speak for most people when I say it's not a day to find reasons to hate. So, for God's sake, don't allow us to reduce this day to such a spectacle; I feel it'll be a spit in the face of everyone who lost their lives today nine years ago.

No book burnings and no hate speech from any sides! And leave your political agendas at home!

I happen onto this a couple weeks ago. We forget the rest of the world felt the shock of this as well. After all, this wasn't just an American tragedy, it was a tragedy for all mankind. I believe everyone of sound mind and peaceful heart shed a tear that day and every 9/11 since then.

I pray everyone has a wonderful 9/11, no matter how odd that may sound. After all, how better to give memorial than with a smile?