The Numa Numa song & The Rihanna Hack

You're getting a double Earbleed with this one....

The actual name of this song is, "Dragostea din tei". Translated simply to "Hello".

I can't decide which version is more annoying: English or Romanian. But what I do know is, it wouldn't have reached such a high level of popularity if it wasn't for the Numa Numa kid; who, as a matter of fact, has his own Wiki page. Go figure that!

Now, not that this song was bad enough, T.I. and Rihanna took it upon their unoriginal selves to resample this song in theirs, "Live Your Life". I didn't think it would be possible for her to top her Earbleed "Umbrella" but she blew it out of the park with this train wreck.

In this song, T.I. opens with a 48 second long dialog attempting to sound deep with an almost father-like wisdom, after which point the Urkel voiced singer, Rihanna, kicks in with her Numa Numa hack deeply auto-tuned. The balance of this disaster is pretty much a back and forth between T.I.'s "articulate" rap about the touch/real nature of the thug life and Rihanna's chorus that seems to become more auto-tuned throughout the song (and still isn't any help to her voice).

I honestly believe twits like this hear a bad song and say to themselves, "Hmm, this song is horrible, but what can we do to make it even worse?"