OU Cap, Sooner Football Hype Song - BAM!

There's yet another season of college football upon us, which means an onslaught of bedlam fanatics to annoy the rest of us. Past examples: 1 2 3 4 and 5.

This one is specifically special. Not only because it's OU, not even because the guy who made this is local to L-Town and not even the fact he's in county lockup at the moment for possession/concealment of stolen goods (held on $5,000 bail, as I understand). What makes this one special is how he has been reaching out from jail to several of my journalist buddies in all attempts to make his video reach a "viral platform" so he can have "the video redone professionally".

He sent three post cards (that I'm aware of) with the return address to the Comanche Country Detention Center. I'm sure he also sent cards to journalists I don't personally know.

Click to view the cards below

Card's address and postage. 
How often does one receive something that warns the correspondence is from a jail facility?

Letter to a local sports reporter.
He wants to professionally redo a video he made little over a year ago. I can only assume if he wasn't in lockup, and that he hasn't tried before getting arrested, he'd start a gofundme campaign to polish his turd. I've seen people start one over less.

Two identical letters were sent to beat reporters.
Bam's "the 1st major rapper from Oklahoma"? As in present tense? Fantasy world! Sorry, but personally BT da Youngsta is the guy I think of when someone brings up the Oklahoma hip-hop scene.

You know, it would be so very easy to make fun of this guy. Oh and it's gonna continue, believe me. Like many fails I post on this website, this guy has a dream. It's amazingly diluted and far past any conception of reality but a dream nonetheless. I mean, yeah, there is no level of salvageable content that will ever make this any kind of viable battle cry; it sure as hell ain't replacing Boomer Sooner any time. But hey................. Forget it.

Sorry, I was trying to put a positive spin on this. It's impossible. This is bad. It's lazy. The Photobooth effect is annoying. Bam, a handle I'm sure he ripped from the douche bag Bam Margera, is what real hip-hop artists refer to when they talk about "Sucker MC's". Actually, not even; to be a rapper you've had to actually produce things. A rapper isn't that guy with a PC cam or cellphone recording random shit that pops in his head, then fires it up to YouTube as quickly as he can.

He says he's the CEO of Scandal Rock Productions TM and ®. Viewing his YouTube Page, along with this, all he appeared to "produce" is nonsensical shorts with random audio grabs, badly edited screen shots and clip art. It resembles a 12-year-old trying to be make a political message. And theres this additional random crap with the same bad filters

In conclusion, when I run across locals with earbleeds (And it's not very often. We have a lot of talented folks in our local music scene) I always like to wish them the best. Now isn't any different! I care for my fellow Lawtonians, after all. I would, however, highly suggest he directs his future ventures elsewhere; the whole rap game ain't workin' out. Everyone's good at something so keep looking. Life is hard and we all need an outlet. Might I suggest restoring and repurposing old furniture? That's what I like to do in what little spare time I have. It's very relaxing. I also love hip-hop and I also can't rap so I buy and enjoy the records made by those who can. I mean, dreams don't have to die but sometimes they're forced to adapt.