Poo Party - Poo2Loo.com, Unicef Campaign

Things like this reminds me on how I won the lottery of life; I entered life in a clean hospital, washed and wrapped in fresh linens and was driven home to a house with an operational toilet and running water. Didn't have cable though.... That's a real hardship *sarcasm*.

I understand what unicef is trying to do and I agree with the importance of their mission but perhaps using a dancing, lively poop emoticon could send the wrong message, if not flat out undercut their entire mission. How much do I have to donate to get a pooh plush? I'm sure I don't have to point out advertising to the youth to poop in a toilet, like some contemporary PSA, regardless the country, is beyond odd. Their methodology really is not good at all; I shouldn't be laughing my ass off on what in reality is a serious problem affecting millions of lives in a very negative way. Who exactly is their intended audience? And what's with the pledge? I'm left with the feeling they're throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks. 
(This is the second time in the last three earbleeds I used the shit wall expression. It really fits on this one, I'm sure we can all agree.)

They make it sound like it's less than an infrastructure problem. They have right on the front page of the campaign's website, Poo2Loo.com: "Enough of this shit. Raise your voice against open defecation." Even though I know it isn't true, it leaves the impression people were pooping on the streets because of some outdated cultural anomaly. You know, like here some old people are racist. In India, their elderly are use to pinching loafs on the sidewalk in nice soft serve-shaped coils. Even if it's both, I suspect once they sort out the former, the latter will work itself out.

Speaking of the nice, ironically clean looking soft serve-shaped coils: Maybe that's what a sans beef pooh actually looks like. Yet another reason to Obey the Cow God, I suppose.

Oh, and you got to play the game they made they call Toilet Trek
It's amazingly bad, and depressingly wrong. You climb around what looks to be a sewer collecting rolls of toilet paper while they peppered in tidbits of information. If you get caught without any rolls of TP left, you die. And after you finish the game, "Lend your voice" by tweeting #Toilets4All. Yeah. That'll help 'em.