Rappin' for Jesus

Happy Easter, everyone! 

It didn't take long to realize this is obviously some kind of joke: 2nd Church of Christ. According to their website they closed their doors in 2004 yet the domain wasn't registered till 2013. And why would a church's website in Iowa be registered to someone in Scottsdale​, Arizona? Lastly, an elderly white guy and his wife from the midwest has relatively solid old-school flow. That ain't normal.

Nonetheless, I love this video and its underlying message. And their DJ I like to call Mix Master Otis: He's a wiz with a smoke machine and Casio. I also find it enormously humorous how racially insecure white people love to fake outrage because they referred to Jesus Christ as their nigga and stuffed shirt Christians once it was revealed the video was a joke. (e.g.)

But you know, so what? Jesus died for us so we could be happy and enjoy our lives. So yeah, enough with the pissing contests. And no matter if He's black, white, brown or yellow, open your heart and let Jesus Christ be ya nigga. Cause no matter what, you'll always be His.