Run Liz Run - Campaign Video

Bet that parking lot is packed full of Priuses. I find it funny how in these badly made music videos, the left always channel Crosby, Stills and Nash while the GOP turn into some Brooks n' Dunn knock off. And my goodness the bumper sticker ideology. Nauseating as always. If this is the kind of presidential campaign Warren is counting on to get herself into office, she's screwed.

Seeing how a lot of the people who frequent this little website are from other countries, you may not know much about Liz Warren. I'm no big expert either, because I really don't give a damn and, in all honesty, I may have a fairly bias eye, but what I do know is the best way to describe her is she's the opposite of Ron Paul; she's the "for the greater good over individual liberty" kind of person. Warren, a self-proclaimed Native-American, considered to be to the Progressive left of both Hillary Clinton and President Obama. She's big on green/bio energy, strengthening the EPA, "war on women" and, well, pick a university young Democrats' buzz word/hot topic and she'll be all over it.

She has been considered by her critics as being anti-capitalist, a big government centralist, for weakened state sovereignty and even damn right Marxist. Even this song demonstrates the idea we as a society owe a lot of gratitude and tax dollars to daddy government for whatever success we may have in our personal lives. And wow, in such a poetic way, "Not nobody got rich on their own; not nobody. Everybody needs bridges and streets to succeed." Bet there'll be plenty of hard working people out there who'd hold great umbrage to that shitty lyric. And, by the way, she's running for president. That's a federal position. Aren't roads and bridges built and maintained at the state level? Perhaps that's why I never understood the logic behind that argument.