Sign Up 'Cause its Hot - Alphacat

You ever hear a joke so many times it stops being funny and becomes sad? Like the guy who still mimics the old Budweiser​ Wasabi commercial, for example. Well, think that's where we are in this whole healthcare debate. They're parodying a tired, nearly 10-year-old shit song, and badly I might add, to promote a shit plan all in hopes 20-somethings will be gullible enough to sign up once/if they actually get the website working. If the younger generations don't buy in, the whole plan is gonna sink; that's the concept at least.

The administration and this guy along with all his other propagandists are bouncing around like they're selling Pepsi and coming off like that strange kid down the block who wants to be friends. Trying too damn hard. It's sad. He use to be the head of the mothea f--kin' state! Now he's selling freakin' Pepsi.

On a personal note: Wendell, we thought you were a good guy and we tried to be your friend. You just needed to relax. You didn't need to go all Goth n' shit. Seriously, WTF was that all about?