ICANN Inaccurate Whois report

Reader's note: If you're new to this feud between Peggy and myself, I set up to act as an index.

I received the following email on 29 December 2015 from my hosting provider.

I've owned since September 2013 and never had an issue with my inaccurate whois info. I owned​ since 2010 also with inaccurate whois, and again, no issues. I have yet another domain I've had since 2000, again, with inaccurate whois, never hassled. That is until Peggy Lou Pinhey (aka Peggy Penny) figured out she could report inaccurate whois info to ICANN.

Didn't get a complaint on but corrected it anyway; running under the assumption she reported that domain as well.

My first question is why in the living hell would she want me to provide my personal information to the world? Secondly, and perhaps the better question, why is she still obsessed with me enough to do this three years after the initial dust up? I can't even remember the last time I so much as paid her any thought. Nevertheless, I've since got it sorted out.

To my enjoyment, and hopefully yours as well, she provided comments in her complaint. I'll add rebuttals and comments of my own. My commentary will be in bold and I'll italicize her comments.


ICANN received the Whois Inaccuracy complaint below. It claims that the contact information associated with the domain name below is inaccurate:

To demonstrate compliance, please provide us the corrected and verifiable information by 7 January 2016. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of the domain.

The following is the current Registrant contact information currently listed on the domain.

DJ Asinine
United States 73505


The problem summary:

Domain being reported: 

Time of submission/processing: Fri Dec 4 03:36:11 2015

She managed to find time in middle of the afternoon on a Friday to do this. That has to be nice.


 Problem in whois block: Expiration Date
 --- Error in date: Nothing to report
 --- Comment: I want to file a complaint against the registrar for the felony crimes I have listed above.

How she thought this was a place to file criminal complaints is beyond me. Kind of gives you an idea of what kind of person I'm being forced to deal with. You'll quickly come to learn she even stupidly believes ICANN is a government bureaucracy.


 Problem in whois block: Technical Contact
 --- Error in address: Address is incomplete
 --- Error in phone number: Phone is missing
 --- Error in name: No such person or entity
 --- Error in email: Incorrect email
 --- Error in fax number: Fax is missing
 --- Comment: I am have been stalked for approximately four years by the registrar D.J. Asinine and I would like to have this matter prosecuted by the FBI and by icann. See? In addition, the registrar D.J. Asinine violated my by International Copyrights by copying my music video for 'commercial use' on the web site; In addition violated the "Users Agreement" on my web site which he states he has visited; and is committing felony crimes of stalking, identity theft, identity fraud and perjury.

There's a lot to cover here so I'll take it piece by piece.


Claim of Stalking:

That's right! She believes I'm stalking her! My personal favorite complaint from her to date. The ego on this woman! Like I said, I haven't as much as paid her any mind in as long as I can remember. 

I have been trying to figure out where the hell she got the idea I was stalking her. I said a few things to her on twitter years ago but that doesn't, by any means, fit the definition of stalking. 

I never sent her an email, a phone call or a letter. I sure as hell never sat outside in bushes watching her brush her teeth. (I feel I actually have to mention that. She could be crazy enough to think I am physically watching her.) And of course, I never threatened her or anyone in her family. 

Does she think my article I wrote is stalking? Is buying, putting stuff she doesn't like on it and let it set for years stalking? Actually she is using my purchase of as evidence, as you'll read below. I'm pretty sure, since pretty much everything I'm doing is done in my own little corner of the internet, that constitutes free expression. This is a free country after all...I think. Hell, I'm not so sure anymore.

No one associated with me or me personally are reaching out to her, nor do I want anyone to harass her on my behalf. That's been standard policy since pretty much the beginning.

Here's my theory: when she used the word, "Stalking" she actually means "Bullying", seeing how anti-bully BS has been all the rage these past few years in schools and with teenage pseudo activists. However, seeing it's not technically illegal she went with stalking. And mind you, she didn't specify cyber stalking...just stalking; an interesting call on her part.

She wants me prosecuted. 

This is where the phrase, "Libel defamation" enters my brain. She wants me to face potential jail time. She's wishing this on me. How much bitterness does one person have to hold to willingly tell lies in the attempt to rune another's life over things said over the Internet? Peggy is a horrible person for wanting this. As far as I'm concerned she doesn't deserve any respect. Any heartache my words have caused/will cause her are now officially unequivocally justified. 

Furthermore, if she is actively trying to rune my life and I receive any legal or financial grief from her bullshit and lies, I WILL file a defamation suit. And keep in mind, I know people and I have the resources and mental capacity to do what needs to be done to inflict proper justice, and I won't stop until I receive full restitution. Also, if she filed a complaint with the FBI or some other agency, in my line of work, I am very likely to eventually find out.

Infringement claim...

I didn't copy shit. I embedded music videos she uploaded to youtube. In her mind, that somehow violates copyright laws. She obviously didn't read Youtube's Terms of Service.

Her website's "User Agreement"

A long-winded document all written with bad grammar by a legal illiterate.

Every time she's bitching about me she seems to bring up her website's user agreement; like it is in any way legally binding. 

Just because she forbids video embedding and linking sans permission, that doesn't negate the liberty bestowed to users of a service she uses on a website like youtube. 

She may hold copyright to said material but that doesn't give her the right to dictate how anyone can use a service she doesn't own. That's youtube's right and by using their service, she agreed to those terms. (cite: Section 6, paragraph C, sentence 3 of YouTube's Terms of Service)

Pretty much the only thing in her user agreement that is any way reasonable is in respect to the content physically on her website's server. That's it. Anything else, how she has her website set up, is a request of behavior. And any penalties and fees she mentions, the numbers she came up with, are totally arbitrary. 

And for the record, even though the site has ads, isn't a for-profit organization, thus nothing is for "commercial use". As the owner and managing editor of this website, I'm a blogger, not a business. In fact, it can be argued any use of copyrighted materials would fall under the fair use statute (cite: 17 U.S. Code § 107). That being said, other than creating thumbnails and linking (like above to her website and user agreement) for the articles, I don't typically utilize the Fair Use statute; I don't like walking fine lines.


 Problem in whois block: Registrant Contact
 --- Error in address: Incorrect address
 --- Error in name: No such person or entity
 --- Comment: The address shown is private street, a false street name.


 Problem in whois block: Registration Date
 --- Error in date: Nothing to report
 --- Comment: The registrar of bought the domain name after I did not renew it which is evidence that he is stalking me How exactly is that evidence? and has been for four years I bought it in September 2013. The date of registration; to the present date shows the amount of time he has been stalking me, committing identity fraud, identity theft and perjury. 

I never claimed to be her, so bullshit. And perjury? Dumbass. She obviously doesn't know what that word means.


 Problem in whois block: Administrative Contact
 --- Error in address: Incorrect address
 --- Error in phone number: Incorrect phone
 --- Error in name: Wrong person or entity
 --- Error in email: Incorrect email
 --- Error in fax number: Incorrect fax
 --- Comment: The registrar is using my name Peggy Penny as the return e mail address to the domain name; as  I am not receiving the e mails, and he is receiving e mails in my name.

I'm not receiving emails from that address either. It's not a real address and hasn't while on this server. When I had it on my personal home server, for a short time, I did create an account but I rarely checked it and when I did, I never received a single email and I never sent an email to anyone other than myself.

I set that as the contact email just to annoy her on the off chance she looks at the whois. What do you know? It worked!

And on that, it's my domain now. I can create whatever email address I want and that my host will allow. I can create if I want. As long as I never use this domain to try to deceive anyone to believe I'm her or anyone else, I'm breaking no laws. Even in the whois, as you seen above, I used my pseudonym. There was no fraud. No identity theft. Besides, Peggy Penny is also a pseudonym, not a real name, so...yeah. No identity theft/fraud.

And Peggy, BTW, if you did actually have your identity stolen and your finances screwed up as a result, allow me to express my deepest sympathies. You may think I'm a douchebag but I'm no criminal, let alone a thief. You would obviously disagree but I'm an honest guy and I have unquestionable credibility. I also feel for others, even those who harass me. I work hard for what I have thus I don't like seeing when others are cheated out of what they have. Maybe that's why I hate the IRS. 


 I want to be protected from reporting a person that is committing felony crimes.  I request that my information be kept from the registrar to protect my identity.

Oh no, ICANN!!! She's coming after you next! She's a juggernaut so you better look out! Lols.

In Conclusion:

Peggy, I'm not a terrible person like you; believe it or not, I don't wish you ill like you obviously wish me.
Your music sucks. I have the right to express that opinion no matter how little you like it. 

This stuff will stay up until I receive an apology on's facebook page outlining every lie and threat Peggy and Robin told. I also want to know every action they have taken in the attempt to silence me and, of course, an apology for those actions.

It can be a message so it's just between us: It's her/their choice. If they're too proud to issue an apology, I highly suggest they leave me alone; forget I exist. Never mess with me again. Seriously guys, this is very annoying and a fruitless effort on your part. You'll be much happier if you just swallow your pride and LET IT GO!!!

I know how to stand up for myself and my rights. I'm not a little child who'll run away crying, pecker in hand, in the face of any idiotic threat. I stand solid: face-to-face and online. And also, if not provoked, I'm not likely to do anything. I'm a live-let-live kind of guy and, even though principle is paramount, I don't hold grudges for very long. 


Lastly, keep in mind I'm not done over this recent transgression.
This is only Phase One. I will give you time to apologize before Phase II.