Snoppen och snippan (Willy & Fanny) - Bacillakuten på Barnkanalen

This video was made for the program Bacillakuten on Swedish Public Service as a kind of physical education, educating young children the difference between boys and girls. A cartoon wang flopping back and forth and a fanny bopping to the point it appears to dilate, no shocker it didn't go over too well with Swedish parents. 

On a side note: What guy at some point of his life didn't dress up his little buddy in headgear of some sort?
 Don't personally have any memory of doing any such thing but surely it's something I've done as a weird little kid.

But I digress...

I don't know a word of Swedish so I used Google and Bing translators to come up with the best translation I can figure.

Popi-dip-pop snatchry wang!
Here comes the willy in full gallop.
He has no pair of pants
dangling willy and bare buttocks.

Fanny is cool, yes you can believe.
Even as an old lady,
Fanny sitting there so elegantly.

So different yet almost the same thing
Pee pee through the willy or fanny if you're a girl.

Willy and fanny what a wonderful bunch.
Fanny and willy sing our chorus.
Willy and fanny can be found on our body.

Hang and throw on a little body.
Fanny is Groovy, Baby I Love You.

The objections are fully understood by the first verse of this little ditty. Call me a prude but what young child needs to have the image of a wang coming at them at full speed? We here in America have a term for that: Sexual harassment and a lewd and lascivious act, depending on the variables other charges could be tacked on.

Secondly, anyone who spent any time with a two-year-old who just discovered his/her body would know, the message that virtually endorses running around sans trousers will only exacerbate an already existing problem.

Have to say though, it is a catchy little tune.