St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Fans

I didn't even know it was possible to rap out of tune but this guy found a way. It's like these guys wanna be a more hipster folk version of Sublime or something. So you're calling your band "Akoostik Sessions"? Is that what I saw there at the end? Brilliant guys. No really, very witty.

And if the Akoostik boys weren't bad enough, this one is even worse. It's so bad it gave me chills, which doesn't happen very often. It has that undefinable creepiness to it.

You give a group of teenage girls a video camera, iMovie and standard recording equipment it ain't gonna end well. No one on the planet is less original than teenage girls, especially when you get a group of them together. (Of course I'm generalizing here and it's possible these girls may even be in their early-20's. Nonetheless, I find my statement equally valid for this context.) They decided to parody the second most popular song from 2012 and even squeeze in a little dancing from the first. No thinking outside the box -or in general- for these ladies! For University, I wouldn't suggest majoring in the arts.

I double checked: they made this train wreck around this time last year......that should explain the dated references a little. "Oooo, ooo, ooo, ooo. We're going, going, going to win the World Series!" said the San Fran Giants. Oop oop oop, Cardinals lost!