Stand With Hillary

Yes, because when I think of blue state, I think country music. The back woods of a seemingly southwestern pasture is the stereotypical domain any Democrat would feel comfortable to call home. And, on a side note, of course they had to take a couple seconds to disgrace Queen's, We will rock you. Queen should freakin' sue.

Raised in the land of FFA myself, I can say any fan of country music would find this song beyond revolting and down right insulting. Don't think SWH2016 cares. The vocalist is obviously doing an impression of a country singer: he's far too generic to be real. Considering this is contemporary country we're talking about, that's really saying something.

My guess is SWH2016 is actually using this video to give a big fat middle finger to those of us living in red states. They already know Hillary isn't getting these states so might as well take a huge fart in our pudding by making a video parodying their mind's eye vision of what a Republican looks like. For the record, it's just as insulting when the GOP does example escapes me at the moment.

Not all of us in red states live on farms, drive pickup trucks or wear cowboy hats. I personally live in a moderate-sized city, drive a Cobalt and wear Chuck Taylors.

SWH2016 is playing the female card just as hard as the current administration used the black card. Didn't count, and I really don't want to listen to this for a third time, but I believe he used the phrase "Great Lady" at least a dozen times. It's almost like they have nothing else to talk about or, dare I say, they're trying to use her sex as a blind for something scandalous. We'll find out soon enough, I guess.

I don't really know how well it'll work this time around; the whole "the first ____ president" angle is running thin. I mean, sure, there's still those out there who believe Barry's the best president ever, but there's also those who'd say the same about Bush 43.

Beyond the obvious faux pandering and sex-baiting (get ready to hear that term more often) whoever made this video created it comfortably within the confines of "the box". So cliché it's sickening. Oh yeah! She'll roll up her sleeves to work hard to make America great again. If you listen to politicians, this country both sucked and never been better since Washington. But oh yes, she's big on boosting industry yet she's all about the environment as well. She's a good ol' American girl who loves her family, apple pie and cuddly sing-alongs at night around the ol' campfire. It's all so fake I can smell China.

Going into this next election we need to remember who she is; she's the matriarch of the giant political machine that is the Clintons. They're freakin' steamrollers who'll take out whomever has the misfortune of getting in their way. Yeah, at the end of the day the Clintons are a family just like anyone else's. Just keep in mind, so were the Gambinos.